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Of all family law issues, child custody is perhaps the most sensitive and strenuous. While you and your child’s other parent may each want what is best for your children, you may have very different ideas of what that is or how it will be accomplished. In California, custody, visitation and parenting plans are all determined based on what is best for the children. Therefore, at the center of any custody or visitation case is the determination of what the child’s best interests actually are.

Child Custody:

Typically during a California divorce, one parent will be awarded primary physical and legal custody while the other parent will be awarded visitation rights. Who gets primary physical custody depends on a number of factors, including the ability of each parent to provide financially for their children, where the child’s school is located, whether there were any incidents of domestic violence, and the ability of each parent to provide a stable, safe and nurturing environment for the children.


If one parent is awarded visitation rights, a visitation schedule will be set up. The primary goal of visitation is to ensure that the children are able to maintain meaningful relationships with both of their parents while minimizing any major disruption to the children’s lives. For example, visitation may be awarded every other weekend and more often during the summer, but it is unlikely to be awarded on school nights.

Parenting Plans:

A parenting plan can help two parents establish a set of guidelines on how they will each parent the children, and it can help provide children with the ability to know what to expect from each parent. A parenting plan can outline a variety of factors, including larger issues like visitation times and smaller issues such as how discipline will be carried out by both parents. A parenting plan can be an extremely valuable tool to ensure your child maintains a consistent environment in both households throughout their childhood.

If you are facing a child custody or visitation issue, it is important that you have solid legal representation throughout each stage of the case.

It is critical that you understand your rights and how issues like custody and visitation are determined by the courts.

A skilled California child custody attorney can assist you in getting the best possible results.

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