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In the state of California, child support is a way for a court to ensure that both parents are actively contributing financially towards the basic needs of their children.

How child support is awarded and for how much depends on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to:

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    The financial ability of each parent to provide for their children

  • Who has primary physical custody of the children
  • How much time each parent spends with the children
  • The needs of the children, including special health or education needs
  • Any financial issues that may affect the ability of one or both parents to provide financially for the children

Child support issues are among the most sensitive of family law issues, regardless of which side of the case you are on.

One spouse may be concerned that he or she will be ordered to pay a substantial amount of child support, while the other spouse may be concerned that the court will not award enough support for the children. Either way, it is critical that you have solid legal representation on your side to ensure that your rights and the best interests of your children are protected.

There are a number of different laws in California that pertain to child support, making the issue quite complex and difficult to navigate through:

For example, an unwed mother must obtain proof of paternity before she can obtain child support from the alleged father of the child. Alternatively, the child support payor must bring their case forward to the court if their child support obligations need to be modified as a result of financial hardship.

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