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Divorce is one of the most complex and heart wrenching family law issues that a couple can go through. Whether you made the decision that a divorce is the next best step for you, or your spouse served you with divorce papers, there will be many challenges ahead for you and your family.

Divorce:  Property Division and Spousal Support

Orange County divorce lawyers

When a marriage ends, the property and assets that the couple accumulated during the marriage must be divided between both spouses. While most people assume this means bank account contents, homes and vehicles, it also applies to debt. If a couple is able to reach an agreement about how the marital property will be divided, the court will generally honor this agreement. However, if the couple moves into litigation, the court will make every effort to divide the marital property equally between both spouses.

Divorce:  Child Custody and Child Support

Orange County child custody attorneyIf there were minor children in the marriage, child custody and child support are another major issue that must be handled in the event of a divorce. Typically, primary physical custody will be awarded to one parent, while the other parent will receive visitation rights. However, in some cases, parents are able to share their time with the children equally. Child support is also necessary to ensure that both parents are contributing financially to their children’s basic needs. How child custody and child support are awarded is dependent upon a variety of factors, but it is focused on finding a solution that is in the best interests of the children involved.

How a Divorce Lawyer Can Help YOU:

Divorce is complex, especially in cases where spouses are not able to come to an agreement about how property should be divided or how the children will be parented. It’s important to understand what your legal rights are, and to have a skilled California divorce attorney on your side to advocate for those rights.

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