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State of California info on enforcing court orders

Throughout a divorce, there may be a number of court orders that are issued, including:

  • court orders to surrender marital property
  • court orders that specify child custody and visitation
  • court orders that outline child support or alimony payments.

Court orders must be obeyed or there may be severe penalties as a result.

How Court Orders Can Be Neglected:

Orange County attorney to help with enforcing court ordersThere are many ways that a court order can be ignored. For example, if a court order requires that a spouse that is currently living in the marital home to surrender that home to the other spouse, and he or she refuses to leave the premises or turn over the keys to the other spouse, they would be found in direct contempt of the court order. Another example would be a parent who neglects to bring a child back to the primary custodian when their visitation is over, or takes a child out of state if the court order explicitly states that the child is to remain within the state of California.

The most common way that court orders are violated is when a parent does not make his or her required child support payments on time or in full.

What to Do When a Court Order is Ignored:

Regardless of what the court order is for it is critical that you contact your attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will have the information you need to help you better understand the options that are available to you and can counsel you on your next best move.

In some cases, nothing more than a letter from your attorney is needed to get the individual who is contradicting the court order to begin complying with the terms again.

In the event that the individual continues to refuse to fulfill his or her obligations under the court order, it may be necessary to seek the court’s involvement.

Depending on the situation, the court may be able to issue a judgment against them, or may be able to withhold earnings directly from their paycheck if it is alimony or child support that they are neglecting to pay.

OC Family Law & Divorce can assist you with the enforcement of your court orders.

We have a variety of resources available that will begin ensuring that the individual who is refusing to comply with the court order will have consequences to face if he or she continues to do so.

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