Orange County Judgement Modifications

State of California info on changing child support

Lawyer for judgement modification in OCWhen a California family court comes to a decision about an aspect of a case, such as a child custody or child support issue, a judgment is issued. The judgment will outline what the court has decided and how each party is to proceed in order to comply with the order.

For example, if a court has issued a judgment that awards $200 a week in child support to the primary custodian, it becomes legally binding for the payor to begin making those payments until the time period specified by the judgment is over.

In a case of child support, the judgment may remain binding until the child turns 18 or graduates high school.

It is common for family circumstances to change.  The terms set forth in a judgment may no longer serve the best interests of the individuals within that family.

However, without pursuing the legal means to modify a court order, any individual that refuses to comply with the terms may be found in contempt.

When circumstances change, it is important to contact a skilled California judgment modification attorney to learn more about your options.

Circumstances That Warrant a Modification to a Judgment

Not all changes in circumstances warrant a modification to a court order, however, there are many that do, including:

  • The reduction of income for the payor of child support
  • The increase of income for the payor of child support
  • The remarriage of an individual receiving alimony
  • The desire of one parent to relocate a child
  • Domestic violence issues, or other issues that would necessitate a change in custody and/or visitation

Using the examples above, a payor that is ordered to make child support payments in the amount of $200 a week may no longer be able to make payments in that amount if he or she receives a reduction in pay or loses his/her job. However, instead of simply not paying the child support because they are unable to, they would need to show evidence of the pay reduction to the court in order to have the judgment modified to reduce the amount of child support payments.

Any time you experience a life change that may have an impact on how court orders may affect you or your family, it is critical that you consult with a skilled California family law attorney.

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