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In some family law cases, legally establishing paternity becomes a necessity. Both mothers and fathers can find themselves in a situation that requires them to legally prove or disprove paternity, and depending on the results, there may be additional legal needs.

If you are potentially facing the need to establish paternity of a child, it is crucial that you contact a skilled paternity lawyer at the earliest possibility.

Paternity For Child Support:

Attorney for paternity case in Orange CountyIn order for an unwed mother to petition the court for child support from the alleged father of her child, she must first legally prove that the man is indeed the biological father of the child.

Once paternity has been established, the court can proceed with a child support case.  At this time, the court will examine the income of both parents in order to reach a determination on if and how much child support will be awarded.

In cases of married individuals who are divorcing, any children of the marriage are legally presumed to be the biological children of the father.

Paternity For Custody and Visitation:

In some cases, the alleged father of a child wants to have the legal right to develop a relationship with his child. In order for him to be able to legally exercise his rights, he must first establish that he is, in fact, the biological father of the child. After paternity is established, the man can petition the court for visitation rights, and in some extreme cases, full custody of the child.

Disproving Paternity:

Occasionally, individuals will need to disprove paternity to a particular child. For example, if a married man in the midst of a divorce believes a child of the marriage is not his, he will need to disprove paternity in order to keep the court from automatically awarding the mother child support. In the case that paternity needs to be disproved, it is important to speak with a qualified California family law attorney with experience in this area.

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